Sunday, 7 November 2010

making bread, creams and cupboards

having had a few really rubbish days when everything seems to have gone wrong it's been wonderful to spend a whole day at home pottering and getting things done. It's good to end a week on a relaxed note when things previously have been unbalanced and unsettling.

As the boys were at the alottment Sunday morning planting the garlic, I had a bit of time to myself. (little button was having one of her micro naps). I finally got around to making the cream that I saw first on here. I got the supplies months ago and it's brilliant!! I love it. Was so quick to make, however, I had a difficult time to get it into the bottle. In the end i used the cake piper thingy to squirt it in.

above turns from mess into the most fluffiest peaks of cream you can imagine with a gentle and delicate smell.

I try and have home made bread always at home but sometimes it's difficult to find the time. I grew up with that so it's normal to me. In fact, shop bought bread was a treat. When i am good at planning i soak the grains the night before, but most of the time i bake the
Grant loaf, first found in a Delia cookbook. Super quick and yummy. This time i used a third rye flour, the rest white flour and a handful of linseeds. Despite dropping it as i was about to put it in the oven it turned out fine. Even not so successful homemade bread is always better than shop bought.

and lastly, we put up the Ikea Trofast cupboard for big button's toy. Makes organizing his toys and tidy up easier. I always feel that our house is a mess so I hope this will help with that.

Going through his toys I felt that there was a lot we could probably get rid off. Things that we had 'inherited' and toys we hadn't actually chosen ourselves. Sometime getting things for free actually ends up just costing energy just by them simply existing and not being used. Time for a trip to the charity shop I think

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