Tuesday, 2 November 2010

kale and cake

wow, the autumn is passing so quickly. I love this season but i also find it's much too short until the dark grey winter is upon us. We went to our alottment this morning and picked the last of the pumpkins, found a lonely red onion. The calendula seems to have had a last wave of bloom or it might just seem like that as everyting around them is wilting and going brown. There has been frost so the kale is good to pick now. I love kale. Especially kale salad from Feeding the Whole Family I really like this book and have used it a lot although i find the ingredients a bit confusing at times. But I think it's mainly because the American English uses different names and when I am not sure immediately and think i have to go look something up i kind of give up.

Coming home with veggie bounty like that makes me feel happy. Happiness can be that simple.
I'll save the pumpkin for later, cook the kale for supper together with chickpeas that are simmering right this moment. Curry perhaps? When the two Buttons wake up I'll make some cake with them as we need it. Having had a very hectic weekend, having a few slow days like this are just perfect and I try and relish every moment. Just being together is fine.

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