Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Cool kitchen

when the kitchen doors nearly fall off, drawers don't come out without force and Alvar for the millionths time nearly poked his eye out on the sharp corners of the drawers i can't help but feel that a new kitchen would complete my life. Really that simple. This found at apartment theraphy


this is how Yuken Teruya reuse toilet rolls. An alternative way to putting them in the compost. Making a forest out of them.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

japanese sewing books and christmas markets

my crafty friend Sandy went to Japan and got me this gorgeous sewing book. It's all in Japanese so I doubt I will ever use them but I love just looking at the pictures and getting inspired. It's hard to see in these pictures but I love Japanese sewing books for their genious simplicity.
We had a lovely day today. Alvar has a bad cold and cough so he woke up early and came into bed with us for a early morning snooze. It was a cold, sunny winters day and it was quite fitting that we had planned to go to the annual Swedish Christmas market in the Swedish Church. It was heaving with people buying very expensive Swedish cheese and herring (including me). I always feel sentimental and a bit displaced when I go, but that's just part of it. After that we went around Borough Market to take in all the smells and have coffee at Monmouth coffee company. Now we are all tucked up warm and cosy at home and I think we are having butternut squash risotto for dinner!