Sunday, 22 April 2012

Camping in Devon

We went camping in Devon, near Branscombe beach over Easter. Also camping were Oliver's brother and his family, their two seven year old boys. Together those two together with Alvar, with little Clara trailing after as fast as she can, were like the three musketeers. Inseparable and together as one. Maybe it's because they are family or just because they really like eachother but they get on so well and together they seem all to gain more confidence. They were off and then only back for something to eat. Some days with sunshine, we went to Lyme Regis and nearby Beer which had a lovely beach, perfect for eating fish and chips and looking for crabs in the rockpools. On the camping site we had huge fires in the evening, grilling marshmallows. Collecting the fire wood in the woods was of course a big part of the daily entertainment.

The 'eating porridge in the rain' tradition was not to  be missed. With enough maple syrup on top anything tastes ok, even in rain.

Of course, the last day we had pouring rain so the kids were waiting in the car and this is what happens when they find a some colouring pens, painting eachother like indians.  Laughing their heads off.  I tried wiping them off as good as i could but this is more or less what they looked like when we went, unplanned, to The River Cottage restaurant in Axminster, for an impromptu lunch. We just thought we were popping in for coffeee but as we were there  we all felt rather peckish. In our muddy boots and fleeces we fitted right in. And after eating our porridge that same morning in rain this felt like such a treat.