Friday, 29 July 2011

Sweden in the Spring

On our way to the airport...his Trunki is brilliant. Yes, you can manage to pack and travel without it but makes that hassle that is air travelling a lot more fun.

The snow melts, the streams are gushing and the warm spring sunshine makes the cold water tolerable. In fact, the weather was so warm and lovely my dh will never let me forget i scoffed at his question to pack shorts and sandals ' In April? you must be jo-king'.

Easter, when all the little children dress up as old men and women, go around begging sweets. this is based on the myth that all the witches fly to Blakulla the blue hill where all sorts of shenanigans are meant to take place at Easter. No wonder my dh raised an eyebrow. And I don't blame A looking so very suspicious in this photograph. Really in the end, it's all about dressing up and getting bags of sweets from your neighbours.

Wanted to post these photographs even though are a few months old. I have so many photographs that I save and dont' really look at I just felt that posting them here at least they are lovely reminder of our lives and days. We had such a wonderful time this Easter Holiday we decided to go back for a longer stay. Which we did. From where I, exctly five photographs. As my battery decided to die on our first day. So, those days are just images in my memory I'm afraid.