Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunny sunday in February

Today we went over to the park for Forest School but the teacher didn't turn up. Shame as that is one thing that A does like (unlike the swimming on Saturday morning). But we met some friends in the park and spent two hours in the play ground running around. The morning before we got out was a bit fractious to say the least but when we got out and A and C played nerves were calm(er). It never ceases to amaze me, the effect that just being outside has on everyones mood. It grounds us.

C and A with their little buddy on the see-saw in the park.

After we went to the alottment were O had been busy all morning moving compost heaps and raspberry plants. We finally planted some Dahlias which are to line the front of our plot. The plot may look at first glance very bare and sleepy but we still have some kale, and the purple sprouting broccoli and broad beans are coming. The garlic is also shooting up green heads and so are the daffodils.

See, moved the compost heap to the left and and planted raspberries where it used to be. We're hoping that the soil is more fertile and there will be loads of berries in the Autumn.

last photo by A.