Thursday, 3 May 2012

Experimenting and exploring

My little boy is big into experimenting. Recently he collects leaves and berries on our way home from school and wants to make fox food. and once it's cooked in the oven we put it outside. We also mixed some bicarbonate of soda with white vinegar, and added some food colouring for a fizzing 'volcano'. With my heart in my mouth i let him have free range of the kitchen ingredients but draw the line at my Green and Black chocolate. He's learning about proportion too whilst using the measuring set.

I do long for greener and more open spaces but sometimes when I look close to home there is nature and there are spaces for exploring the beauty around us.  A short walk down a very busy road, you turn off and there is a small river where you can walk along London Green Chain walk.  This is net work of walks that takes you through about 300 green spaces, sometimes hidden away from the roads.  While we were splashing in the water a heron flew up and away probably disturbed by the kids laughing and shouting.  You can see foxes, jays, squirrels and sometimes even parakeets.  We started walking back just in time to get back from the rain. I have to remind myself that nature is right here, sometimes you just have to look a little closer.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Camping in Devon

We went camping in Devon, near Branscombe beach over Easter. Also camping were Oliver's brother and his family, their two seven year old boys. Together those two together with Alvar, with little Clara trailing after as fast as she can, were like the three musketeers. Inseparable and together as one. Maybe it's because they are family or just because they really like eachother but they get on so well and together they seem all to gain more confidence. They were off and then only back for something to eat. Some days with sunshine, we went to Lyme Regis and nearby Beer which had a lovely beach, perfect for eating fish and chips and looking for crabs in the rockpools. On the camping site we had huge fires in the evening, grilling marshmallows. Collecting the fire wood in the woods was of course a big part of the daily entertainment.

The 'eating porridge in the rain' tradition was not to  be missed. With enough maple syrup on top anything tastes ok, even in rain.

Of course, the last day we had pouring rain so the kids were waiting in the car and this is what happens when they find a some colouring pens, painting eachother like indians.  Laughing their heads off.  I tried wiping them off as good as i could but this is more or less what they looked like when we went, unplanned, to The River Cottage restaurant in Axminster, for an impromptu lunch. We just thought we were popping in for coffeee but as we were there  we all felt rather peckish. In our muddy boots and fleeces we fitted right in. And after eating our porridge that same morning in rain this felt like such a treat.

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Sunny sunday in February

Today we went over to the park for Forest School but the teacher didn't turn up. Shame as that is one thing that A does like (unlike the swimming on Saturday morning). But we met some friends in the park and spent two hours in the play ground running around. The morning before we got out was a bit fractious to say the least but when we got out and A and C played nerves were calm(er). It never ceases to amaze me, the effect that just being outside has on everyones mood. It grounds us.

C and A with their little buddy on the see-saw in the park.

After we went to the alottment were O had been busy all morning moving compost heaps and raspberry plants. We finally planted some Dahlias which are to line the front of our plot. The plot may look at first glance very bare and sleepy but we still have some kale, and the purple sprouting broccoli and broad beans are coming. The garlic is also shooting up green heads and so are the daffodils.

See, moved the compost heap to the left and and planted raspberries where it used to be. We're hoping that the soil is more fertile and there will be loads of berries in the Autumn.

last photo by A.