Thursday, 3 May 2012

Experimenting and exploring

My little boy is big into experimenting. Recently he collects leaves and berries on our way home from school and wants to make fox food. and once it's cooked in the oven we put it outside. We also mixed some bicarbonate of soda with white vinegar, and added some food colouring for a fizzing 'volcano'. With my heart in my mouth i let him have free range of the kitchen ingredients but draw the line at my Green and Black chocolate. He's learning about proportion too whilst using the measuring set.

I do long for greener and more open spaces but sometimes when I look close to home there is nature and there are spaces for exploring the beauty around us.  A short walk down a very busy road, you turn off and there is a small river where you can walk along London Green Chain walk.  This is net work of walks that takes you through about 300 green spaces, sometimes hidden away from the roads.  While we were splashing in the water a heron flew up and away probably disturbed by the kids laughing and shouting.  You can see foxes, jays, squirrels and sometimes even parakeets.  We started walking back just in time to get back from the rain. I have to remind myself that nature is right here, sometimes you just have to look a little closer.

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