Thursday, 18 December 2008


We made some typical Swedish buns today. I should really have had some saffron but of course in my usual excellent planning I had run out. I added cardamon instead and they turned out delicious. I am glad that this year I managed to get the advent candle holder out in time to light one candle for each advent Sunday. The Christmas traditions are becoming more important to me. I think it comes with having children and wanting Alvar to experience the magic of this season. I love lighting candles, decorating oranges with cloves, hanging home made hearts in the window, baking and making 'knäck' - swedish christmas toffee. If I have time I might try and make him a stocking and a little Santa hat but from what seemed weeks until Christmas it's now only a few days. Next year, I will start sooner! I write this down so I can look back and remind myself.