Sunday, 9 October 2011

Holiday in France

Our holiday seems like another lifetime now Autumn has arrived in London. It was about three weeks ago and it's a very distant memory. Today it got dark at 7 and I lit candles in the kitchen. We stayed in Mirabelle Gites in south west France. Pretty fabulous. Perfect for families as everything you could possibly want was there, and large grounds to roam around and explore. Including a bunch of chickens.

As it was raining quite a few of the days we went to the zoo. After, we ended up on the beach where it was sunny. Both kids ran wild, just loving being so free in the open space. This holiday was again a testament that kids just love their own home space. Unless they are on a beach.

Clara with her little buddy A

Eating chocolate waffles and being photographed by an adoring French lady.