Monday, 8 September 2008

buttons and baking

I feel that I had been lurking long enough around other peoples blogs, checking out what they are sewing and baking etc. so I will now be brave and post some of my own random purchases. It will be a while before I brave actually showing what I am attempting to create. These pics are not very good I realise but I hope that I will get better at this.

Found a marvellous charity shop in Sydenham. Its a gold mine of all things vintage crafty. I dug out these gorgeous little buttons for 50p and some vintage teatowels....dh looked at me strangely as I was very exited about my finds. He went off and tried perfecting his scone recipe. This is his third attempt. He added cinnamon this time. He is still not happy with it so I expect more scones anytime soon. Well, I dont mind, I think they are pretty perfect already.

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