Thursday, 11 September 2008

autumn cooking

the weather has been so miserable the last few weeks (some might say the last few months) and today I just couldn't avoid it any longer. Autumn food. I had been putting it off as I was still waiting for summer begin properly. So tonight I made a lamb, vegetable and barley stew and let it simmer for hours. Oliver made a bread and butter pudding. Now, that is not summer food is it. But what can one do with skies this grey and heavy with rain? You just want to potter indoors, cook great stews, bake bread and watch movies. We have also finally begun work on building shelves and cupboards in the living room. It will be a bit chaotic whilst all the books and CD's are clogging up our floors but I am sure it will be worth it. They can house all of our books and I won't have a heart attack everytime I see Alvar climbing up the Billy book cases that are currently there. The house is slowly coming together.

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