Thursday, 7 October 2010


after a long absence I will now try and keep up with my blog. I read and get inspired by so many other lovely blogs, so I felt I also wanted to share and not always leave anonymous comments. .And also, my family can now keep up with our day to day activities. My big button A at least loves looking at pictures of himself. so let's start with that.

we spent a few weeks in Sweden with mormor and morfar in July. Outside my parents house, cows were grazing in the meadow. We would come out in the morning, sit on the steps having our breakfast watching the cows. A was absolutely mesmerized by them, waiting for them to do a big poo, obviously a very interesting topic these days. and that was it, i could sit in the sunshine enjoying my coffee, get my knitting out or whatever i felt like doing and he would just run up and down the fence watching ,waiting and talking. (to the cows) for absolutely ages. imagine if we had cows grazing down our road. some of my craft projects might get finished.

in September it was no different.....

another view was horses in the fields beyond my parents house, and the cars and tractors driving past. Who needs a soft play centre...

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