Wednesday, 29 October 2008

apple season

On Monday, it was such a gorgeous day so after having finished all the boring house tasks it was still only 2pm. So we got in the car and went to Hewitt´s farm in Kent to pick some apples. The air was so cool and crisp and the smell of apples so sweet. Alvar sitting like a little king on a throne, chomped his way through several varieties with gusto. Now our freezer and fridge is stocked up with apple sauce until next year. As the Swedish song goes...abundance in August, enjoy it in November. Or something like that. This is the point where we wish we had a larder (one with frilly things at the end of the shelves!) where we could store it alongside with our strawberry jam and tomato chutney. I am starting to view my parents cool cellar in a new light!

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